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The most powerful book you'll read this year."

--SF Site

"Ambitious, beautifully crafted... [This novel] has been compared to Daniel Keyes' classic and tragic Flowers for Algernon... The Speed of Dark may be an even greater book.... A subtle, eerily nuanced character portrait of a man who is both unforgettable and unlike anyone else in fiction."

--The Washington Post Book World

"At a time when cases of autism seem to be on the rise, The Speed of Dark provides valuable insight while delivering a thoroughly engrossing, even suspenseful story."

--San Francisco Chronicle

"The Speed of Dark gives a stunning, insightful, and openhearted look at the world through the eyes of a man with autism.... Elizabeth Moon has written an outstanding testament to the unique gift every one of us has to share, exactly as we are, while also cheering us on to be all that we can be. Kudos to Ms. Moon for helping us to see with new clarity not only the mystery of autism, but also the wonder of it."

--Barry Neil Kaufman
Director of The Option Institute and
the Autism Treatment Center of America™

"One of those exceptionally rare novels that has the power to alter one's entire worldview, and reading it is a profoundly rewarding and enriching experience."

--Infinity Plus

"Engrossing and beautifully written... Thoughtful and thought-provoking, the book raises serious issues and questions of importance for everyone while telling a poignant and hopeful tale."


"I marvel at Elizabeth Moon's achievement. With no shadow of sentimentality or easy romanticism, she shows us the core of autism... making us experience the anxiety and tension continually accompanying its autistic hero as he struggles to make sense of the world we so readily call normal."

--Clara Park, author of Exiting Nirvana:
A Daughter's Life with Autism

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